Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas in Shanghai (#1)

What better way to start posting again than by recounting Christmas... warms everyones heart doesn't it? Of course I'm only going to talk about the food as what's more important?

We began on the 23rd of December. Mei, longterm manager and financial controller of one of the organisation I work for had organised a staff dinner. The ayi (the cleaning lady who works at the gallery) had been cooking all day. In fact I think that most of the staff had been cooking all day. Ingrid had made some tasty indonesian curry, clove scented and spicy, as well as some fried rice, complete with peas and pieces of chinese sausage.
I made some meatballs in tomato sauce the night before and brought those. The ayi made fish with a sweet and sour sauce, stir fried frog with dried chilies, delicious shrimp pate put onto slices of lotus root and shallow fried, and a very grandma style beef bone soup with celery, onions and carrots. Mona, my sichuanese co-manager, made some stir fried cucumber (what, of course??) with scrambled egg.
After much giggling and squealing (9 girls and 4 boys = much giggling and squealing) we ended the meal with some fresh fruit and Sean and myself beat a hasty retreat to Pudong and L and M's western Xmas bonanza.
L's grandma had managed to air freight over from Canada a turkey, lasagne, meat balls in sauce, tourtiere, and dessert. The woman is a miracle and the turkey was one of the tastiest I've had, moist and tasty. By the time dessert rolled around I think that I was ready to die. We followed dinner up with a gift exchange: to that effect I'd bought a shiny tea thermos, a bag of handmade peanut candy, and a decorated chamber pot. I think my gifts were the best.

Next... Tiphane, Jean, and the french obsession with dairy based fat.


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