Tuesday, July 11, 2006

german style potato salad

In Shanghai, good potatoes and bacon are hard to come by so you'll probably have a better time with this if you can get some nice waxy or boiling potatoes and some good smoky bacon with just enough fat. 1 large potato is good for 2 people with other dishes and the whole thing is a)easily prepared in advance and b)nice as a part of an uncouth antipasti selection.

for 2 potatoes, boiled in skin and then set aside:
2-3 good slices bacon, cut into small 1/2 inch strips and then fried gently to render all their fat and become nice and crispy. Remove them from the pan and leave the fat. Add 3-4 torn up sage leaves and let them fry a bit then add about 1/4 cup cidre vinegar and enough sugar to make a nice sweet and sour balance. This will depend on your own taste and on how acidic your vinegar is, 1 Tbsp is a good start. Salt the dressing to taste and then pour it over the thickly sliced potatoes which should still be hot pr at least warm. Garnish with more sage leaves.
As a note, you may want to make the dressing in a bowl after frying the bacon as depending on your pan, adding vinegre and heating may a)thoroughly clean your frying pan and b)give your dressing a fine metallic flavour.


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