Friday, February 03, 2006

Restaurant Anatolien - Montreal

A quick post from a limited dinner last night. Restaurant Anatolien is located on the ground floor of an apartment building on ave du Parc just south of Jean Talon. Half of the rest is a smoking Turkish men's hang out and the other half is a resto that at 7:00 on a Thrusday night was completely deserted.
Sean opted for a chicken shish kebab with rice and fries .. the doubling of the starch always has a certain smell of fomulaic Greek food about it, for me at least, but, to each their own. I ordered the filet mignon kebab with "Ali Nazik" sauce, described on the menu as a yogurt, eggplant and garlic sauce.. yum yum.
We had a Heiniken each as an appetizer. Sean's arrives and it's well... it's ok. It's grilled chicken thighs marinated in a sort of non-descript red substance. The side salad is that international or salads, iceberg, a bit of tomato, maybe a few other things. I stopped paying attention.
The filet mignon is good. Possibly tenderised, it has that kind of somewhat spongy texture, a bit like a minute steak, but maybe that's just my imagination. The "Ali Nazik" sauce is good without being spectacular, a tatziki and babaganoush bastard child.
The best thing going here is the bread which is really fresh and nice, iranian style flat bread... yummy.
For 60 bucks with tax tip and 4 beers in total, not worth a revisit.

Restaurant Anatolien
Fine Cuisine Turque
7101 Ave du Parc


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