Friday, August 19, 2005

Kam Fung again

For my/our weekly hit of yum cha:
steamed veal with pepper.. a new (past 3 months) item, nice and tender.
fried calamari.. delicious, if a bit cold
jiao zi - nice plump fried dumplings
cheung fan with pork and coriander - yummy, much better than the beef.. not as good as char siu or really fresh har cheung
shrimp and coriander steamed dumpling - yummy, the stuffing is nice and sea-fresh-sweet. the wrapper is well made, just falls apart a little, but at least it's not as thick and stodgy as is often the case.
eggpland stuffed with shrimp with black bean sauce - God I love this dish
.... we were ready to go.. but 5 minutes before I had asked for cheung fan chao.. and of course it arrived just as we ordered the shripm and coriander dumplings. I had no choice but to choak it down.. like eating stir fried pork fat (in a good way)
The ladies at Kam Fung are great!


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