Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fous Dessert and Brulerie aux 4 vents

Got up too early to pack for my trip. The cafe down the street was closed so we heared up to Marche Jean Talon. On the way we stopped by "Fous Dessert" because their chocolate banana croissants and chausson aux pommes are just too good to pass up. We fought in the car because Sean wanted to eat them right away. Nope, have to wait for the coffee.
Made it to Jean Talon and got some spectacular coffee at "Brulerie aux 4 Vents".. we sat down with our pastries and watched the market come to life, seeing alll the merchants start to set up and the beginning of the Saturday insanity. We saw Steph wandering around doing his shopping for the show on Monday, he sat swith us for 10 minutes to take a break and have a chat, refused our offering of croissants because he'd already eaten two big slices of clafoutis at 6:30 that morning.
All in all a beautiful start to the day...


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