Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wawel coriander bread

Another day, another fabulous product. This is bread my grandmother would have loved, she wouldn't have been too sure about the coriander seeds all over the top, but otherwise this bread would have been allright by her. She used to make her own bread, a diffrent generation.
i first found this bread at Bucharest supermarket on Decarie, and then discovered that Wawel (who bake a label into outside of the bread, ensuring you know where the bread is really from) had a concession right outside my boyfriends house. They also have one in the newly renovated Jean Talon market.
Anyhow, this bread is a rye bread, it is a bit wet (actually gran wouldn't have like that) so that the slices stick together a bit, but the flavour is all quality. I mean I could, and have, eaten half a loaf of this bread in one sitting with some mustard and smoked fish.. or just with butter.
This is not french bread in any way, it reeks of northern europe and german or slavic extraction. Germans would probably put caraway on top and make it way more dense, the coriander seeds give it away as eastern european. Anyhow, if you love good bread BUY THIS BREAD.

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