Friday, June 17, 2005

Nablusi Cheese

I am a confessed cheese fanatic, and when it comes to cheeses that you can pan fry, well, what could be better than fried cheese I ask you. From the lovely people at Lait D'Antan ( ), purveyors of tons of sexy dairy products, Nablusi cheese, a haloumi studded with kalonji (black onion seeds). This is actually an edible cheese, compared to the haloumi from Phonecia which you have to soak in water before using, so salty it is.
I also, apart from loving cheese, happen to love kalonji, A Bengali friend used to bring me rusk cookies flavoured with this lovely little seed, and if you've ever wondered why your nan bread tasted great and why it had mouse shit in it, well, that wasn't mouse shit it was kalonji. I wouldn't know where to begin describing the taste except to say that it is maybe vaguely celery like.
So take this cheese, slice it, fry it in a bit of olive oil until it turns goldenm then just eat it off the paper towel, or use it as a meat substitute, like a paneer, or a vastly superior tofu. Also nice to serve with a bit of homemade tomato sauce as part of a mezze meal, or just with some sliced tomatoes. You could probably use it raw, but fried is better.
Love this cheese, love these lait d'antan people.

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