Sunday, April 17, 2005

patio dining

summer is finally here and I had my first outdoor meal yeaterday. Eating outside in the Gay Village is so much fun. The food is usually crap, and you get to people watch... we had a great time when this siliconed up, fake baked stripper showed up dressed in pants slit up to the thigh and a silverey sequin bra that barely contained her bust.
We were on the terrace on the corner of Alexandre de Seve and Sainte Catherine, a sprawling block long complex comprising multiple restaurants, a multi level terrace, multiple bars, a hotel and a sauna (of course). All they need is a strip joint. Apparently thses people alsop own the "Drugstore" complex down the street... a smaller scale operation with lots of bars, a great roof top patio and lots of lesbians.
Kylie, a budding virgin when it comes to the Quebec fast food milieu, was coerced into having the Galvaude.. fries+cheese curds+chicken+peas+ gravy.... yummm. I would digress here into the whole subculture of Poutine derived dishes (poutine italienne, smoked meat poutine etc...) The only one worth mentioning is probably the foie gras poutine at the Pied de Cochon, which I have yet to try, but which by the sounds of things is off the scale.
I had the club sandwich.. a gargantuan platter.. but you can't fuck up a club sandwich, and even if you do, enough mayonnaise can hide pretty much anything. Here, they bring the squeeze bottle of mayo to your table.
Sean went for the Rolls Royce burger.. some tarted up thing or other, cheese, bacon.. other stuff.
So we all stuffed ourselves, got a little tipsy on the sangria, caught some of the dissapearing sun.. and anticipated patio action to come.


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