Tuesday, April 19, 2005

leek soubise

I'm sure that this sauce exists somewhere already, nestled in the pages of some french cooking manual. It is quite intense, and as Sean said could be served as a dip, with chips. Actually what he said was 'this is what guacamole should be'.
Anyhow.. I have no pics.. but picture a creamy jade coloured avocado puree and you get the jist.

2 Tbsp butter
2 med sized leeks, split down the middle, washed, chopped into 1cm thick half moons
(if you have a whole lot of green on your leek, get rid of some)
3 cups homo milk

Melt the butter in a pan big enough to accomodate all the leeks. Add the leeks and cook slowly until they have wilted down a bit. About 10-15 minutes. Add the milk and cook, uncovered and on low heat until the milk has pretty much all evaporated. There can be a bit of milk left but not too much.. this should take about 45 minutes.. I was doing other things.
If you boil too vigorously and the milk separated.. guess what.. it doesn't matter. Just keep reducing until almost all the liquid is gone.
Let the leeks cool, then puree in a blender (you could try a hand blender, might be good enough). Add salt to taste and admit to yourself that this is a pretty damn good puree.

I used this as a sauce for some chicken, just let out with a bit of cream. I will make this again and take pictures, as well as try and find other uses. With pork it would be nice as well.


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