Wednesday, April 27, 2005

cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls
Supermarché Bucharest
(Decarie north of chemin C.S.L.)
$C 2.25

These were pretty good. They are of a generous size, and consist of a meat and rice filling wrapped n savoy cabbage leaves. When you buy them you get an extra tub of cabbage (saurkraut) that appears to have been cooked with the rolls. It is studded with black pepper and chunks of bacon, and is, for lack of a better word, greasy, but in a good way.
2 per person with some of the extra cabbage was enough for dinner, with a bit of salad and some whole wheat bread. Felt like some nouveau riche peasant.
While on the topic, I always liked the iranian cabbage rolls, stuffed with some split peas, nuts, raisins, maybe a bit of lamb. Turkish cabbage dolmas must be great as well. God only knows if there is a south indian version.


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