Thursday, April 28, 2005

2 cheeses

both from "Qui Lait Cru" , a shop in Marché Jean Talon in Montreal which is a great homage to cheese. it is spotless and well staffed with informed if slighlty haughty staff.

Ricotta salata
Pasturised cow’s milk

A salted pressed ricotta. Greyish white, looks like white halva. Strong but pleasant acidic/vinegar odour. Texture of feta but not as brittle or crumbly, more rubbery. Sticks a little bit to the teeth. Flavour very similar to feta, but not AS intensly salty and goaty. Not as acidic either.
All in all a very nice cheese. Texture is very nice too, not grainy, but breaks apart easily, crumbles in the mouth.
Various recipes suggest using it in salads, grumbles on top of coked veg or on top of pasta... sexy.

Mimolette 18 mois.
Pasturised cow’s milk

Bright orange colour , looks like a slice of ultra ripe melon, nice crumbly crust. Hard cheese. Smells of butter and caramel, mild parmesan odour. Delicious cheese, reminds me of a Sardo, but not at all sharp. Richness fills the mouth. Well balanced, not salty. Caramel flavours come as a dominant aftertaste. a little musty, crust is nice en bouche. Rich but not oily. An aged Edam, I just finished reading how the cheese is turned every day while being aged and how "the surface of the cheese is brushed to remove cheese mites which feast on its surface." Tasty.


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