Sunday, December 26, 2004

post xmas/ cauliflower scramble

Christmas was part in honour of my late dad. My dad was a brit and apart from the penchant for warm beer he also loved roast beef. Now no family member is going to argue that we shouldn't have rare roast beef for xmas dinner but we like to think that we're doing it for Dad anyhow.. he probably tell us all to sod off and stop wasting the fat but there you have it.
So we had the whole shebang: 100$ roast, yorkshire pudd, onions and potatoes roasted in drippings, boiled carrots, horseradish, gravy and big bottle of red. Beauty itself.
We start with a smoked salmon app, we finish with the traditional english christmas pudd and then we move onto the quebec raw milk cheeses with Iranian dates, nuts and apples.
Another excuse to roll on the ground and curse God that the Roman Vomitorium has gone out of fashion.
In vengance, tonight we moved towards vegetarian Indian food. Basmati with leftover herbs, hot and sour fusion sambar soup, chick pea curry, and cauliflower and eggs.

Cauliflower and potatoes with scrambled eggs.
-4 eggs
-1/2 a head cauliflower
-2 onions (leftover from xmas.. so all mushy and cooked and soaked in beef fat), chopped.
-2 potatoes (again, leftover, so roasted in beef fat,) cut into rough cubes
pinches turmeric
pinches kala jerra (black cumin)
fresh coriander
1 non stick pan

Heat a bit of oil, and fry the jerry a bit. Add the potatoes, onions, and cauliflower and fry gently until it is well coloured. You can add a bit of water to speed this up, but you have to get it nice and caremilized and the cauliflower has to be cooked to the point of being spoon tender. Add the turmeric and stir it up.
Add the eggs and scramble gently. when the eggs are 2/3 rds cooked add the coriander give a good genly stir and remove from heat. Cover and let the eggs finish cooking by their own heat.
serve with rice and salad, a bit of yogurt.
Resist the urge to lie on the floor and groan, if only out of habit.


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