Sunday, December 26, 2004

la guadeloupe mexicaine (or birthday part 2)

Having not had enough gluttony for one week, two days after the Pied du Cochon we went out for Mexican food. Me, the boyfriend, and Molester.
Le Guadeloupe Mexicaine is a Mexican resto next to a cigarette factory in working class, east end Montreal. If you don't know montreal you just have to bear in mind one thing. East=French, West=English. Despite their proximity, the two are pretty independant. Many English people who have grown up there have no clue about the French part of the city, and the same goes for the many French. Both are contentedly ignorant and feel justified in being so.
So this restaurant is run by these two big mexican mamas and what I assume to be thier extended family... you probably think that I'm just a racist and because all the staff is mexican I assume that thay're all related. that's life.
Anyhow, the food is great, the portions are massive and the service, although slower than slow is extremely friendly. Plus the fact that the chairs are meant to accomodate 300lb asses and the tables for six are big enough to hold a Medicis banquet for 12.
We go for the margaritas to start. Beautiful, fresh lime juice with a hint of zest, sweet and salty at the same time. These are not nasty lime+tequila+salt and drink. Someone has actually tasted this drink and said "no, wait, too harsh, add some sugar and a bit of love". Cheers, happy birthday.
We share an order of nachos con guacamole, and queso fundido. The queso is getting a bit cold by the time we dig in but it still hits the spot. I mean molten cheese with fried sausage meat which you have to try and sop up with a flour tortilla, fork , hands, face, whatever. It's like all the best parts of a nasty cheap pizza.
The nachos are as always better than sex. Home fried tortilla chips covered with lovely refried beans, then gratineed with cheese and .. wait for it... a dig dollop of guac in the middle. These refritos; I don't even want to think about fat content, about whole families of pigs being slaughtered so that I can have some unctuous lard laden bean purée. No, best not to... just eat the effin beans.
I want the Chile Rellenos con Nogato (?).. a large pepper stuffed with the mexican equivalent of mince meat (meat, raisins, nuts olives etc..) and the whole thing in a white nut sauce... oh and wait, they dip the pepper in batter and deep fry it. Sorry they don;t make it any more. Ok, stuff it with cheese and serve it with a red sauce, its still great. Sloppy, gooey and beautiful.
The boys have molé poblano.. chicken leg in a hommeade chocolate and chile sauce. A bit too sweet for me but the boyfriend love it, The Molester isn't sure; he's not used to strange food and chocolate and meat takes a while to wrap your head around. My mum has fed me mole poblano since I was a kid and her's was always rich and a bit bitter... Diana Kennedy. If your mum makes mole you have to like your mum's the best.. there is no way to do otherwise.
We opt out of dessert and head to the loft party but before doing so we go across the street to buy beer. The Indian man sells us some of the most basic and worst tasting paan I've ever had. Paan in the middle of France montreal.. what were we thinking... the shock should have been enough, no need to try.
Happy birthday again.


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