Sunday, December 26, 2004

au Pied du Cochon

last weekend for my boyfriends birthday we finally made it to the Pied du Cochon.
The other three had a roquefort, endive, and walnut salad to start. Yummy but standard.
I had the brandade. I have to remember that the apps at this place are the size of mains, but I always choose to forget this because part of the experience is being so totally gluttonous that you have to roll out the front door. The brandade was great, creamy and quite soupy with some leeks, gently cooked to bring out their sweetness, making all the diffrence. Never had brandade with leeks, more people should do this.
Brother in law (aka The Molester) had chicken pot pie. It comes with a deep fried chickens foot sticking out top. The waiter said that you could eat the whole foot as all the bones had been removed and only cartilage remained. Well he lied.
The pie was apparently delicious, and had a big hunk of foie gras in the middle of it. Oh, if you have never heard about this resto, everything, EVERYTHING, has foie gras in it.
Tandy Sr. had rognons de veau (veal kidneys) in a cream sauce with .. you guessed it, more foie gras. He adored. I hate kidneys. I want to like kidneys but to no avail.. it's like eating a meaty, squeaky, piss sponge. I know.. the don't taste like piss. Bullshit; people who eat kidneys just don't mind the taste of piss.. nothing wrong with that.
The wife had the 'Plogue a champlain'. Buckwheat pancake + potatoes + pan fried foie gras... all topped with maple syrup. Sin. Greasy, rich, sweet, and not too large a portion. I've hardly ever seen my boyfriend so happy.. apart from delux dim sum, or recieving spontaneous oral sex, I don't think anything makes him happier than foie gras. If you combined the three and had like a blowjob with foie gras dumplings he'd probably have a coronary.
I had the confit'd lamb shank with a tomato tombée. delicious. undersalted.. but so bloody lovely and moorish that I almost finished it.
No one had dessert except for Tandy Sr. who declared the creme brulee a triumph. We toasted the pirthday with some courvoisier and rolled home to lie prone.


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What an incredibly crass rude digusting person you are. I can't believe the langauge you use. A barn animal has better social graces then you do.

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